Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New tympan-frisket assembly

I've started building a new tympan-frisket assembly for our press. The basic idea is the same, but I'm using bars of carbon-fiber & epoxy instead of oak. The CF is very stiff, so I expect to be able to use narrower pieces (3/8" instead of 3/4"), wasting less of the bed area. It won't look as nice as the oak, but perhaps looks aren't everything.

Other parts, knife hinges and so forth, worked out well the first time and will be the same.

I'll add some pictures when I make enough progress to be interesting.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Packing for Poco Press

Thanks Preston for setting this blog.
Hopefully it could be a single source of info
for Poco Press fans.

Currently I'm trying to restore and learn to
use a Poco Press #0. I was wondering how much
packing is used for a Poco?

I tried looking for answers online, but without luck.




Thomas Hardjono found my web site (Poco Loco) and suggested I add a group blog so Poco fans throughout the world can unite with a common voice! Or perhaps just talk among ourselves, ask questions, find answers, etc.

So, here's a start. I'll make a link from the main website, invite Thomas and Neil, and see what develops.