Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New tympan-frisket assembly

I've started building a new tympan-frisket assembly for our press. The basic idea is the same, but I'm using bars of carbon-fiber & epoxy instead of oak. The CF is very stiff, so I expect to be able to use narrower pieces (3/8" instead of 3/4"), wasting less of the bed area. It won't look as nice as the oak, but perhaps looks aren't everything.

Other parts, knife hinges and so forth, worked out well the first time and will be the same.

I'll add some pictures when I make enough progress to be interesting.



  1. My plan is to make a tympan and frisket out of 3/8" craft steel. I want to make sure it will open correctly on both sides without the inking plate getting in the way, which it does in the configuration I use now.

  2. I'd forgotten about the inking plate. That certainly complexifies the problem.

    My own experiment fell through yesterday. The 3/8" bars are strong enough, but I run short of room for the knife hinges. I'll have to think again.

  3. I took off my inking plate. I'm five feet tall and even with the press down on a short cabinet I wasn't able to easily use the inking plate/table. It was liberating. Now the press seems more easily accessible.