Friday, January 29, 2010

Iron handpress, with pictures

I wrote earlier about our trip to pick up an iron handpress in Portland. Here are a few pictures.

There were actually 2 trips to Portland. The 1st expedition was taken aback by the size of the press and returned to Seattle with the (relatively) small parts plus renewed determination. The 2nd expedition had more people, a big truck, and a lot more tools. Here's a picture of the press frame after we got it into the truck.

And here's a picture of (most of) the crew, feeling pretty relieved that this stage went so well.

Left to right, there's Carl, Marya, Steamer, Preston, and Neil.

The next day, we delivered the beast to the library at University of Washington. We had a lot more people and things again went smoothly. Here we're wheeling it through the hallway, using a pair of safe dollies. Highly recommended.

After a fair amount of shoving, we got it positioned in the classroom. Here we are again, pretty happy about it.

Next, we had to reassemble all the parts. Luckily, Carl knows his way around these things. It was also lucky we had a large crew; cast iron is heavy.

Finally, here's a picture of Carl and Sandra, gloating over the result.

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